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Is Your Marriage Healthy?

Did you say, “My marriage”?  Why not?  Are you satisfied with just going through the motions?  Is your marriage just mediocre?  Do you even believe a vibrant, fully alive marriage is possible?  It is. . . and should be your number one priority!  So, how can you have a vibrant marriage?  First, make a decision and be deliberate.  Make a commitment to make your marriage a top priority.  Second, understand it’s not...
Jul 24, 2013 / General

Expectations for a Great Marriage

Many people think marriage is the “happily ever after” relationship told in fairy tales.  Before walking down the aisle, many envision their future spouse to be a constant, caring companion.  They imagine that they’ll never have conflict.  And they think the love they feel on their wedding day will last forever.  But the reality is quite different.  So, what should you expect?  You should expect disagreements,...
May 15, 2013 / General

The Truth about Marriage

Marriage is really hard…. and takes a lot of work.  Even after all that hard work, I still mess up.  I mean, I want an awesome marriage, but I still DO the things I shouldn’t, and DON’T do the things I should.  One day I praise her, the next I put her down.  One day I’m happy with her, the next I’m angry. So, what can I do?  Sure, I’ll ask for forgiveness, and I’ll work to handle it the right way next time.  But...
Apr 03, 2013 / General

Liberate Your Spouse's Body Image

Body image is how you picture yourself based on what you see in the mirror and by the reactions that you see from other people.  Negative feelings about body image are mostly experienced by women, but not exclusively.  If your spouse suffers from a poor self-image, here are three A’s that can help liberate your spouse’s body image.  First, affirmation.  Affirm them by saying things like, “My favorite part of you...
Mar 21, 2013 / General

The Annoying Spouse

It drives you crazy when he makes snap decisions, but his resolve was one of the reasons you fell in love with him.  It bothers you that she’s always talking to her friends, but her bubbly personality is what drew you to her in the first place.  So what should you do if your spouse is annoying you?  Spend the rest of your lives irritated with each other?  Of course not.  Instead, you should remember and appreciate...
Feb 27, 2013 / General

Confession: We Have Struggles Too

My wife, Susan, made a guest post on my blog today. In it, she shares how we have marriage struggles too. Here are the ways she struggles with me in our relationship. Struggle #1. She doesn’t feel I hear what she says. Sure I listen, but there is sometimes a disconnect because she really doesn’t think I understand. Struggle #2. She thinks I’m a micro-manager in our home. I pay attention to the details, she sees...
Feb 19, 2013 / General

Angry Birds and Happy Marriages

This popular game shows the life-long struggle of birds trying to get back their stolen eggs from some pigs.  The birds defend each other and unite together, working toward a common goal.  Taking advantage of their unique talents, the kamikaze birds catapult themselves into the pig's towers to defeat them.  Marriage is kind of like that.  To have a healthy relationship, you need to defend each other and stand...
Feb 15, 2013 / General



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