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What Makes a Good Parent?

Do you remember leaving the hospital with your first child? You may have thought, “what do I do now?” As you’ve continued your parenting journey you may have also thought, “Am I even doing this right?” Well, there is no instruction manual that comes with our kids.  There’s no scientific check-up to determine if you’re being a good parent.  But there are some things to consider. First, check where you’re spending...
Jul 28, 2023 / Step Parenting

How to Discipline Well in Blended Families

Blending two families can be rewarding, but also very challenging. So it is important to start off right.  In his article Stepparenting Discipline Dos & Don’ts, author Ron Deal offers the following suggestions on how a stepparent can do just that. First, make sure your spouse, the biological parent, has your back. It is important to present a united front. Second, don’t change rules on your own. Be sure your...
Mar 12, 2015 / Step Parenting

Have You Walked in Your Stepchildren’s Shoes?

To understand how to relate to your stepchild you need to put yourself in their shoes.  How would you feel if your parents had split up?  How would you feel if your mom or dad had re-married?  And how would you feel if you now had somebody new telling you what to do?   Getting a stepparent can be a big transition for a child.  So when they misbehave or aren’t exactly nice to you—before you lose your temper or take...
Mar 15, 2013 / Step Parenting

How to Build a Relationship with Your Stepchildren

Developing a relationship with your stepchildren isn't easy, but here are some steps you can take to help the process. First, watch out for unrealistic expectations. Don't expect the children to love you immediately…develop a relationship first. Second, encourage openness in your family…make sure the children know they can talk to you about their concerns. Third, be supportive but don't try to replace their...
Sep 16, 2011 / Step Parenting



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