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3 Truths to Remember When You're Feeling Worthless

When we take a good, hard look at ourselves, we don’t always like what we find.  Thoughts of worthlessness begin to creep in and we become discouraged.  The truth is that while we aren’t perfect, we are valuable.  So the next time you find yourself feeling like you don’t have a lot to offer, here are 3 truths to keep in mind.  First, you have gifts.  Instead of being overwhelmed by your weaknesses, try embracing...
Nov 27, 2013 / Family Health

4 Ways to Man-age Your Home When Dealing with Illness

If you’ve ever had a spouse who’s been ill for any length of time, you know how tough it is on them and you.  During our 24 years of marriage, my wife Susan has had many surgeries, mostly relating to her heart and pacemaker.  These trying times put me solely in charge of managing our home.  And while I didn’t always do it well, I found that there are 4 specific ways to help manage the home during illness.  First,...
Nov 12, 2013 / Family Health

3 Ways to Get to the Root of Anger

Recently, my son asked me that question after I had a tough day at work.  It would have been easy to disregard his comment and disregard my anger, but it made me think instead.  Dr. Gary Oliver writes about the danger of anger in his book, Mad About Us. He compares our moments of anger to warning lights that come on in our cars.  When we see the blinking light in our car, we fix it to avoid bigger problems down...
Nov 01, 2013 / Family Health

Is it Good for You to Cry?

A few weeks ago, my son left for college.  As I hugged him good-bye, the dam broke and tears flowed from my eyes… I sobbed uncontrollably.  It can be good to cry every now and then. Why? First, we were created to cry. Whether we cry with tears of joy or tears of sorrow, crying is part of who we are as humans. Second, crying cleanses. It’s a form of emotional release that can cleanse the mind, heart and soul....
Sep 27, 2013 / Family Health

Corrie ten Boom: The Ultimate Forgiveness Story

Corrie ten Boom was a survivor of a concentration camp during WWII.  Years later at a local church, she saw the former Nazi guard who put her in jail.  Anger welled up inside her.  She knew she needed to forgive him, but couldn’t…she didn’t have the strength.  As the man approached her with an outstretched hand, Corrie received him…a powerful moment!  She forgave the man who had caused her enormous pain.  We all...
Sep 23, 2013 / Family Health

Confession: I'm Struggling to Find Joy in the Daily Grind

Anxiety, rebellious kids, marriage problems, and many other adverse circumstances are culprits that can rob us of our joy. So, what can we do when all those things hold us up at gun point? First, develop an attitude of gratitude. Think about the wonderful things you have, not what you don’t have. Second, be content with your circumstances. People say, “If I just had _________, then I’d really be happy.” Well,...
Aug 30, 2013 / Family Health

Don't Follow Your Heart

We hear it all the time… “follow your heart.”  It sounds romantic. It sounds good. But authors Stephen and Alex Kendrick, in their book, The Love Dare, say the problem with following your heart is that you are just chasing whatever feels right at the moment, even though it may not be right.  It means throwing caution to the wind and pursuing your latest whim, even though it may not be logical.  The Kendricks...
Jun 11, 2013 / Family Health



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