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3 Ways to Get to the Root of Anger

Nov 01, 2013 / Family Health     

Recently, my son asked me that question after I had a tough day at work.  It would have been easy to disregard his comment and disregard my anger, but it made me think instead.  Dr. Gary Oliver writes about the danger of anger in his book, Mad About Us. He compares our moments of anger to warning lights that come on in our cars.  When we see the blinking light in our car, we fix it to avoid bigger problems down the road.  In the same way, bouts of anger can serve as a warning that we must address the issue.  First, we must face our anger head on, not ignore it.  For the rest of the steps to answer the question, “Why are you so angry,” check out 3 ways to get to the root of anger.  



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Mark Merrill

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