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Words of Wisdom for Graduates

Graduation is a whirlwind.  As for my kids, there have been 5 gowns worn, 5 caps thrown into the air, and 5 high school diplomas received.  At each graduation, we celebrated the closing of a chapter, and also celebrated the start of a new chapter: college.  As your teen prepares to head off to college, here are the ABC’s of college wisdom to share with them. “A” stands for Academics. School is a top priority.  A...

4 Things I've Learned About Parenting Adult Children

As your children become adults, a new chapter in your parenting life begins.  To help you along this journey, I’d like to share some guidelines I’ve learned along the way.  First, be involved but not intrusive.  This may mean giving your grown kids general advice rather than specific solutions.  In this way, they’re able to grow in making their own decisions.  Second, be caring but not crowding.  Often, we find...

Why Our Empty Nest Isn’t Empty

Susan and I knew there would come a day. That day has now come.  Our five children have grown up. They are no longer living in our home full-time. I didn’t just cry when our youngest child left, I cried each time one of our kids left the nest.  But even though our nest has changed, it’s not empty. Here are a few reasons why. First, we have each other. Because we intentionally focused on our marriage as our...

4 Things Kids Should Know Before College

Susan and I were driving our daughter, Emily, to college.  Questions invaded my mind… “Did I prepare her?” “What did I miss?” “What else do I need to tell her?”  I realized that it didn’t make sense to try to squeeze a bunch of lectures and life lessons in at the eleventh hour.  I had purposefully prepared her for this since she was a little girl.  Here are four things I taught her and always want her to remember...

The Reality of Your Student's Spring Break Plans

Spring break is often associated with binge drinking. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that binge drinking accounts for about 90% of alcohol consumption by young people under 21. Your child’s mid-year break from the books shouldn’t be a break from reality. Even though they may not want to hear it, remind them that binge drinking can lead to car crashes, drowning, sexual assault,...



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