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The Reality of Your Student's Spring Break Plans

Mar 14, 2012 / Life Stage: College Students and Adults     

Spring break is often associated with binge drinking. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that binge drinking accounts for about 90% of alcohol consumption by young people under 21. Your child’s mid-year break from the books shouldn’t be a break from reality. Even though they may not want to hear it, remind them that binge drinking can lead to car crashes, drowning, sexual assault, unintended pregnancy and even death. It’s a conversation that could save their life, and it might even inspire them to rethink their spring break plans and opt for something safer, saner and more rewarding…like a family trip or a volunteer service project. If your child does go on a trip, be sure to go over this driving under the influence contract beforehand.



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Mark Merrill

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