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3 Life Lessons from Baseball

Here are 3 life lessons from one of America’s favorite pastimes.  First, patience is a virtue.  The desire today for instant success is overwhelming.  But baseball shows us that even the best players only hit the ball about 3 out of 10 times.  So having patience is key to succeeding in baseball, and in life.  Second, baseball teaches us how to deal with pressure.  It takes less than half a second for a ball to...
Jul 03, 2023 / Miscellaneous

Fatherlessness: Help Me Take a Stand on Breaking the Cycle

In the early 1990s, there was a national debate about whether fathers were important or not in the lives of their kids.  Of course, we all know that fathers play a huge role in their children’s upbringing.  We conducted and found many studies that clearly revealed that fatherless kids were more likely to live in poverty, do drugs and have problems in school.  Former NFL coach Tony Dungy and I talked about this...
Jun 27, 2023 / Miscellaneous

An Inside Interview with My Movie Director Friend

As you know, it’s rare to come across a movie that’s good, clean fun for the whole family.  That’s why I want to talk to you about a film that came out a few years ago...Moms’ Night Out.  Two brothers set out to produce a great family comedy that highlights, “the joys and challenges moms and dads face today.”  Co-director Jon Erwin says, “I feel like everything in the script happened at my home last week.” I...
May 10, 2016 / Miscellaneous

6 Myths About Men

We’ve grown up in a culture with clearly defined expectations about what a man should be like.  But are these definitions fact or fiction?  Dr. Gary Oliver has spent time compiling a list of 6 myths about men.  First, he shares the myth of how men are big, brave, and strong.  While these are good qualities, these characteristics should not define who a man is at his core.  Second, Oliver discusses the myth of how...
Mar 13, 2014 / Miscellaneous

Love Well

The Family Minute is a program of our national nonprofit organization, Family First.  Here at Family First, our ultimate desire is to provide parenting, marriage, and relational truth that helps people love their family well.  Family Minute is one of three programs we have to help deliver that truth…the two others are All Pro Dad and iMOM.  All Pro Dad and iMOM encourage and inspire dads and moms through free...
Dec 06, 2013 / Miscellaneous

How to Be Anxious for Nothing

It’s the word "if." Think about it. We spend so much time worrying… "if we lose our house," "if I get sick" or “if I lose my job”… that we can't enjoy life.  Erma Bombeck said, "Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere."  And Dr. Gary Oliver says you can master worry by doing 10 things.  First, face your worries.  Second, pinpoint your worries and anxieties.  Third,...
Sep 17, 2013 / Miscellaneous

October Baby

Hannah is a beautiful and talented 19- year-old girl who discovers that she is adopted.  But the reason behind Hannah’s adoption is extraordinary.  In the new movie, October Baby, opening today, Hannah takes a journey in search of her birth mother, yet she finds so much more – love, life, healing - and the truth that we all have the power to choose to forgive.  In October Baby, you will see that “Every Life is...
Mar 23, 2012 / Miscellaneous



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