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Words of Wisdom for Graduates

May 17, 2018 / Life Stage: College Students and Adults     

Graduation is a whirlwind.  As for my kids, there have been 5 gowns worn, 5 caps thrown into the air, and 5 high school diplomas received.  At each graduation, we celebrated the closing of a chapter, and also celebrated the start of a new chapter: college.  As your teen prepares to head off to college, here are the ABC’s of college wisdom to share with them. “A” stands for Academics. School is a top priority.  A college campus can be one of the most distracting places—from roommates to road trips, sororities to fraternities...But the truth is…your teen is first and foremost there to be a student.  For more ideas, here are Words of Wisdom for Graduates.



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Mark Merrill

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