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3 Things 12 Years of Marriage Taught Me (New Post)

Speaker and author Jon Acuff jokingly claims that he wishes he could have saved his honeymoon for 3 years into his marriage.  Jon explains how you barely know your wife at the start of marriage. So, you should hold off on the honeymoon until you’ve figured each other out a little better and know each other a little deeper.  After 12 years of marriage, Jon says he’s learned 3 important things.  First, your wife...
Oct 21, 2013 / General

The Keys for a Successful Marriage

If you have a safe deposit box at a bank, you know that you need two keys to open it to get to your valuables inside.  The bank holds one key and you hold the other.  In the same way, in a marriage, a husband and a wife each hold a key to a good relationship.  Both need to come together, work together, struggle together, and dream together to unlock the priceless treasures of a happy marriage.  When you do these...
Oct 09, 2013 / General

5 C's to a Healthy Marriage

After many years of marriage, I’ve learned the importance of these 5 C’s. The first C is combine. When a man and woman get married, the “two become one flesh.” Always remember that you are on the same team. The second C is commit. A husband and wife must commit to make their marriage a top priority. Third, confess. If you’ve wronged your spouse, be quick to admit it and ask for forgiveness. Fourth, change. Change...
Sep 25, 2013 / General

4 Marriage Rules You Should Break

When you think of marriage rules, you think of the ones you should keep.  Be loving. . .be faithful. . .be honest.  But, here are some marriage rules you should break.  First, be 100 percent yourself.  Yes, you want your spouse to accept you completely for who you are.  But, on those days when the “real” you feels grumpy, irritated and out of sorts, try not to dump on your spouse.  Second, do everything together. ...
Sep 19, 2013 / General

9 Questions for Married Couples to Ask Themselves

Questions are coffee for our minds. Questions stimulate us. Questions get us thinking, challenge us, and convict us. And while I know you and your spouse won’t ask yourselves these 9 questions every day, I hope they’ll inspire you in your marriage. Question 1, did we say, “I love you” and hug each other? Question 2, did we compliment more than we criticized one another? Question 3, did we listen to each other more...
Sep 03, 2013 / General

Marriage Confession: My Wife and I Struggle Too

Susan is an amazing person—she’s a passionate mom to our five kids. And, I am immeasurably blessed to be her husband. But we do have challenges in our relationship. Here are some ways I struggle with Susan. Struggle #1. Susan always understands what she is saying to me but I sometimes don’t understand what she is saying to me. She’ll say things like, “You just need to understand me better” or “You just don’t get...
Aug 02, 2013 / General

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Marriage

Recently, my wife, Susan and I took a little vacation to North Carolina with our close friends Jay and Beth. At the end of the week, Jay shared with me some things he noticed about the way Susan and I communicate.  He started by how we constantly interrupt each other when we talk. He didn’t pull any punches and he didn’t stop there. He also said that I talked way too much and didn’t listen enough.  Here’s more on...
Jul 30, 2013 / General



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