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7 Common Double Standards in Marriage

Marriage is when two become one. And when we hold ourselves to a different set of standards than our spouse, we create an unfair, double standard and division. So let’s check out some common double standards and how to avoid them. First, do you have “impulse buys” or frivolous spending habits, but get angry at your spouse for doing the same? Avoid this double standard by agreeing on a budget and spending...
Feb 25, 2015 / General

5 Things That You Think Say "I Love You," But Don't

I’ve done a number of things for Susan that were really for me. My guess is you’ve done the same for your spouse. What are some of those things husbands and wives do allegedly for their spouse? First, they buy a nice gift for their spouse that is really meant for themselves…a husband who buys a new set of golf clubs for her so he can golf more…a wife who buys season tickets for him to a Broadway series that she...
Jan 29, 2015 / General

The Best Marriage Advice I Ever Received

Marriage isn’t easy. So it’s important to get guidance from married couples to make things just a little bit easier. I’ve done that for you. Here is some of the best advice I’ve heard from seasoned couples. First, leave the past in the past. Dwelling on previous mistakes only drives a deeper wedge between you and your spouse. Second, forgive and ask to be forgiven…again and again. And be quick to do so. Third,...
Jan 23, 2015 / General

New Habits for Your Marriage in the New Year...Pick One

If you made, but already abandoned, your New Year’s Resolutions, you’re not alone. But research shows that people who specifically identify a goal, and are resolved to achieve that goal, are 10 times more likely to attain it than people who don’t. So let’s apply that to your marriage. Pick one simple new thing to do this year to improve your marriage and commit to making it a habit. For example: Ask your spouse,...
Jan 15, 2015 / General

The Uncommon Marriage Adventure

But in the midst of the journey, you constantly face demands, dangers, and disappointments. But there’s one person you should always be able to count on—your spouse! So here are 3 ways to be a good teammate to your spouse. First, be committed to staying together—no matter what. Second, be sensitive and considerate to your spouse during seasons of transition. Finally, don’t let difficult times pull you away from...
Jan 06, 2015 / General

Reflections on My 25th Anniversary

25 years ago, I had the privilege of marrying my beautiful wife Susan.  As I reflect back on the years we’ve had together, I’d like to share with you some of the things I’m grateful for in my marriage.  I’m thankful for how Susan and I were able to get through the busy seasons of life without our marriage suffering.  Though there were times when we struggled to stay on the same page in the midst of the craziness...
Mar 31, 2014 / General

Did I Make the Grade in My Marriage Vows?

25 years ago I had the honor of marrying my beautiful wife, Susan.  In front of hundreds of family and friends, I stood up and made vows to promise to love her well.  Now 25 years later, I’ve read through those vows I once made. How have I done? Have I made the grade? Let’s take a look. I vowed to be “patient and kind, without envy or boasting, pride or arrogance.”  I give myself a B- on this one. My love is...
Mar 10, 2014 / General



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