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How to Make Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands

We live in a culture of choices.  Everywhere we turn, new opportunities are thrown our way and demand our attention.  But if we can’t say “yes” to everything, how will we know when to say “no”?  New York Times best-selling author, Lysa Terkeurst, has some answers for us.  To make wise decisions in the midst of endless demands, she says we must first recognize our “disease to please” others.  It keeps us from being...
Dec 29, 2015 / Family Living

Do You Want a Better Family Life

So many people have a dream of a better family life. But all too often they leave it as a distant dream instead of doing something to make it happen. So start chasing that dream and make it a reality. To help you do that, here are some steps towards a better family life. First, identify what you want to change—whether it’s how much time you spend together or what activities you do together. Second, start small....
Oct 30, 2015 / Family Living

Your Sacred Yes: Sometimes the Wisest Yes is a No

Life is demanding. Our calendars are packed. We know we should say “no” to more things. But it’s hard to determine what to say “no” to, and what to say “yes” to. So today, let’s figure out 3 things you should say ‘yes’ to. First, say ‘yes’ to rest. Save time to rest and refuel by not signing up for tons of extra things…even good things. Second, say ‘yes’ to humility. You don’t have to keep up with your friend or...
Jul 28, 2015 / Family Living

Leaders Set the Climate

It’s not something that’s in your job description at work.  It’s not something that you think about as a husband, wife or parent.  But it’s critical in any position of leadership.  It’s establishing the climate… the right kind of climate.  A mother or father establishes the climate when they walk through the door at night.  A worker sets the temperature for co-workers at the office.  A coach sets the climate out...
Mar 07, 2014 / Family Living

How to Sink Your Family's Financial Future

The average home has tens of thousands of dollars in debt, causing post holiday financial stresses that hurt marriages. If you want to sink your financial ship, start by completely ignoring your current obligations and keep adding on. No need to draw a line in the sand that says “we stop borrowing now.” You can also sink your ship by just getting another credit card and go shopping. Of course, no one wants to fail...
Jan 01, 2014 / Family Living

Dangerous Decoys and Life Distractions

Turkey hunting season just wrapped up here in Florida. As one of my sons and I were sitting in our blind with a gobbler decoy planted in front of us, I thought about the "decoys" in our lives. These decoys can lure us and may lead us away from what’s really important or maybe even into a trap.  Here are some decoys to look out for. First, television and technology. It’s so easy to plop down on the couch and be...
Jul 03, 2013 / Family Living

Elephant Memory and Praising Your Kids

An elephant never forgets.  When they are too small to escape, we train elephants in captivity by shackling their ankles and staking them down. They try and try to tug away from their bonds; but they eventually learn they can't get loose. That’s when their “elephant memory” takes over.  For the rest of their lives they remember that they can't get away.  In the same way, when someone makes a careless or...
Jun 21, 2013 / Family Living



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