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Why Busyness is Not a Badge of Honor

Jun 06, 2024 / Family Living     

Not many days go by without someone telling me how busy they are.  They explain how they’re swamped with work or with kids or with traveling.  I’ve said the same kind of things. But the odd thing is how some people say how busy they are with a sense of pride. They equate busyness with value, with importance, and with honor.  Here are 3 reasons why busyness is not a badge of honor.  First, it harms our kids.  When we think busyness is good, we then impose it on our kids. We create an environment where our kids constantly run from one activity to the next. As a result, they feel pressure and get anxious. Check out the rest of the reasons Why Busyness is Not a Badge of Honor.  



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Mark Merrill

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