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8 Lies Your Teen Believes

What lies does your teen believe? I’m Mark Merrill with today’s Family Minute. Most parents are concerned with the lies their teenagers are telling, but few parents consider the lies their teens are hearing. So here are some lies your teen might believe and how to combat them with truth. First, your teen believes no one understands them. So create a safe place where they’re comfortable sharing their feelings with...
Mar 03, 2015 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers

5 Reasons Why Teenagers "Hate" Their Parents

The teen years can be challenging, and many parents have heard their teen say to them, “I hate you.” There’s no excuse for such an outburst, but sometimes parents do things that can make a teen feel that way. Here are some easy ways to make your teen “hate” you. First, make all of their decisions for them. And be sure to control everything they do. Second, constantly compare them to their friends. Ask, “Why can’t...
Feb 24, 2015 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers

When to Start Dating? Important Characteristics Before You Let Your Child Date

Regardless of your family’s convictions about how and when to date, one important thing to look at is their maturity. For instance, our kids should be willing to involve family in dating situations. Family interaction allows them to be “out in the open” with the relationship. But an unwillingness to do so may mean there’s something to hide. Being around family also reveals the character of your child and their...
Feb 23, 2015 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Dangerous Lies Teen Girls Believe

Let’s face it: The teenage years are rough. Teens are searching for anyone and anything to make them feel valuable. Unfortunately, this search often leads our teens to dangerous lies which can dictate their lives. So here are two lies many teen girls believe and how to replace them with truth. First, they believe they must look a certain way to be loved. As parents, it’s our job to love our daughters well by...
Feb 13, 2015 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers

5 Things to Do When Your Kids Don’t Want to Be with You

The day my daughter pulled away from holding my hand as I walked her into school surprised me. My little girl was growing up and holding my hand in public was a bit embarrassing to her.  That night, my wife gave me some wise advice on how to handle this season of life with my child. Here is some of that advice and 5 things to do when your kids don’t want to be with you.  First, don’t take it personally. ...
Jan 14, 2014 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers

How to Be Available for Parenting Teenagers

The moments you have with your teen right now are moments you won’t always have.  Because of this, I’d like to encourage you to be strategic in how you spend your time.  As Susan and I watched our five kids grow up, we were intentional about setting aside evenings and weekends just to be there for our teens.  Here are 3 ways to help you be available for your teens.  First, be selective in your socializing.  Make...
Dec 05, 2013 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers

How to Be an Out of Control Parent

When our kids are young, we enjoy being “in control” parents.  We control what they eat, where they go, and even who they spend time with.  But all kids grow up, right? So how can you slowly let go of the steering wheel and prepare them for the future?  Move from being an “in control” parent to an “out of control” parent in 3 steps.  First, when they’re really little, you drive everything.  Second, as they mature...
Nov 08, 2013 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers



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