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5 Reasons Why Teenagers "Hate" Their Parents

Feb 24, 2015 / Life Stage: Pre-Teens and Teenagers     

The teen years can be challenging, and many parents have heard their teen say to them, “I hate you.” There’s no excuse for such an outburst, but sometimes parents do things that can make a teen feel that way. Here are some easy ways to make your teen “hate” you. First, make all of their decisions for them. And be sure to control everything they do. Second, constantly compare them to their friends. Ask, “Why can’t you be more like Jonathan?” Third, show conditional love. Let them know that your love for them is based on their accomplishments and how well they do, not just because they are your child. Finally, never listen to them. Give them no attention or affirmation. Of course, no one wants their teen to dislike them, so just do the opposite. Read more answers to the question, "Why do teenagers 'hate' their parents?"



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Mark Merrill

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