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A Critical Question for Every Man and Every Father

One of the biggest challenges for men today is living a life of integrity. Integrity is what you do when no one else is looking.  Secret temptations and addictions in a man’s life can damage that integrity and keep him from being the leader he was designed to be at home, at work and in life. So how can a man guard against those temptations and addictions? Be open for inspection. For example, my wife knows my...
Oct 18, 2013 / Fatherhood

Feeling Left Out?

Does it seem like your kids turn to your wife more than they turn to you?  If they do, take a look at how you’re parenting.  Are you a listener, or a lecturer?  Do you praise your kids or put them down?  Do you show them patience or lose your temper?  Are you fun to be around or always edgy?  Do you spend time with them, or fill your schedule with other things?  Now, even though kids naturally turn more to mom...
Sep 26, 2013 / Fatherhood

8 Things Every Father Must Teach His Son

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to teach my two sons, now 18 and 17, the most important things in life.  Here are the 8 things every father should teach his son.  First, be a gentleman. A firm handshake combined with looking the other person in the eye carries with it respect and strength. Opening a car door for a woman, standing up at the table when she is seated is what a gentleman does as well. Second, honor...
Aug 29, 2013 / Fatherhood

Why You Should Dance with Your Daughter

One of my favorite parts of wedding celebrations is the father-daughter dance.  I’ve already enjoyed dancing with my three girls on various occasions but am looking forward to sharing this special moment with each of them when they get married. If you're a dad who has a daughter, don't wait until her wedding day to dance with her.  In fact, dance with her as often as you can. Why? First, dancing with your daughter...
Jul 25, 2013 / Fatherhood

The Fundamentals of Being a Great Dad

In the NFL, any good coach will tell you it’s not the spectacular highlight-reel type things that make you a Super Bowl winner. It’s knowing and executing the fundamentals day in and day out. That’s how you win. That’s how you become great. In my new men’s study, All Pro Dad, you’ll learn that just as knowing and executing the fundamentals of football are the key to a player becoming a champion, knowing and...
Jun 04, 2013 / Fatherhood

The Attack of the Tickle Monster

A friend of mine says a favorite memory of her father is how he would let her draw on his back. No, not with pens or markers, but with her finger. She would draw a picture and he would try to guess what it was. When my kids were growing up, I was the “tickle monster”—I chased the kids around the house, playfully tackled them to the ground, and got big laughs when the tickle monster attacked. You see, those are the...
Jul 17, 2012 / Fatherhood

Father's Day

William Smart was an American Civil War veteran. He became a widower when his wife died in childbirth, leaving him to raise their six children on his own. Years later, his daughter wanted to find a way to honor her dad. She realized how hard it must have been for him as a single parent. So while listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day, she decided what she would do. In 1909 she organized the first Father’s Day to...
Jun 15, 2012 / Fatherhood



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