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10 Texts to Send Your Husband in the Next 10 Days

Send him an uplifting text message. In fact, send him one every day for the next 10 days. Here’s what you can say. First day, text him: If you feel really burdened today, remember that I want to help you. Day 2, text him: If you asked me again today, even after all we’ve been through, I’d still say, “Yes!” Day 3, I’m looking forward to having some time alone with you soon. Let’s plan something! And Day 4, text...
Jun 18, 2015 / Wives

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Husband Today

We’re all guilty of getting caught up in the daily grind. And when this happens, marriage tends to take a backseat. So what can you do? Try reconnecting with your husband by asking these 3 questions.  First, ask, “What’s one thing I can do or say to make you feel loved?” This is a great opportunity to love them in a way that only you can. Second, ask, “What would you like more of in our marriage?” Be ready to take...
Apr 24, 2015 / Wives

Why Do Men Cheat

In marriage, it’s important to know everything about your spouse—including the ways they’re tempted. So here are 3 reasons why men cheat and how you can encourage loyalty. First, men cheat because they feel emotionally and physically distant from their wives. To avoid this, regularly reconnect with your spouse by going on dates, spending time together, and being physically intimate. Second, men cheat because of...
Apr 22, 2015 / Wives

How to Make Your Husband Feel Like a Man

We all want to feel desired—and men are no exception! So here are 4 ways to make your husband feel like a man. First, recognize his physical strength. Tell him how great it is to have someone “strong” around the house. Next, let him lead. If there’s something you’re not as skilled at, like throwing a football or dealing with finances, ask him to show you. Third, teach your kids to admire him. This means bragging...
Mar 06, 2015 / Wives

7 Things Wives Should Stop Doing

My wife, Susan, and I recently kicked around some things wives should stop doing. Here are some of the top ones.  First, stop putting everyone and everything ahead of your husband…especially your kids. Your husband should get your freshest and best, not your leftovers. Second, stop treating him disrespectfully. It deflates him when you constantly question his opinion, abilities and judgment. Third, don’t expect...
Jan 22, 2015 / Wives

The Marriage Bucket List for Women

When you and your husband first fell in love, you had your whole lives ahead of you.  The future was bright and promising as you dreamt and made plans together.  But then jobs became more demanding, your kids were born, and all your energy was spent trying to keep things in order.  Now you’ve found you dreams pushed aside and saved for later.  But I challenge you to pursue those dreams right now with your husband...
Mar 18, 2014 / Wives

5 Common Mistakes Women Make in Marriage

First, not showing their husband respect.  Respect his judgment.  Don’t constantly second guess his decisions.  Respect his abilities.  So, he may not be Mr. Fix-it.  Give him a chance.  Second, not affirming him as a man. Tell him you think he is handsome.  Thank him for being a good father and provider.  Third, they let their life revolve around the kids.  Remember, at some point, they will leave the nest. . ....
Nov 05, 2013 / Wives



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