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3 Tools for Building a Stronger Family with Jon Gordon

Great leaders build strong families. Here are 3 tools to help you lead your family well. Tool one: Love. Loving your spouse and kids is key to building a stronger family. Love must be your highest priority. You must love your family well to lead your family well. Tool two: Serve. Serving your family and putting their needs above your own shows you want to help them succeed in whatever they are doing. Tool three:...
Jun 23, 2015 / Relationships and Communication

Persevering through the Perils of Marriage and Parenting

There’s nothing funny about the stresses of family life…or is there? Check out these 2 enjoyable ways to persevere through the perils of marriage and parenting. First, lighten up. This means letting go of your expectations of perfection. When your child doesn’t ace the test, make the team or win the game, be ready to love them despite their imperfections. Second, learn to laugh. It’s easy to get frustrated when...
Apr 14, 2015 / Relationships and Communication

Are You a Backseat Driver?

Driving is a stressful task. Running late. Heavy traffic. Bad weather. Distractions. All can add to the stress. But we can make things worse even when we are NOT the driver. Here are some things we need to stop doing when our spouse or teenager is driving. First, don’t nag the driver about their driving habits. We all have bad habits. But constantly being reminded of them doesn’t change them. It’s one thing to...
Apr 02, 2015 / Relationships and Communication

How to React to Hurtful Words in Front of the Kids

It hurts when a spouse or an ex says something nasty, but it hurts even more when it happens in front of the kids. So what should you do? Stay calm and don’t overreact. Easier said than done, right? But, for the sake of the kids, escalating the situation in front of them is the last thing they need to see. Second, don’t pull the kids into it. Asking a child to “pick a side” will have long-term emotional effects....
Feb 26, 2015 / Relationships and Communication

10 Common Mistakes Men Make in Life

All men make mistakes, but a wise man learns from his mistakes. So today, I’d like to share with you a few common mistakes men make in life that we can all learn from and avoid. First, men often make the mistake of not listening well. And a lack of listening leads to a lack of trust in relationships. Second, there’s the mistake of thinking we don’t need any help. But, in reality, accepting help demonstrates a...
Jan 16, 2015 / Relationships and Communication

What’s Your Reaction to Offending Someone?

Each day, maybe 16,000 words or more come out of our mouths.  Odds are that some of these words will end up offending the people around us.  So how do you react when you’ve offended someone?  Here are several common reactions.  First, we become defensive.  We move the blame onto the very person we’ve offended by saying things like, “If only you hadn’t been so sensitive.” Instead of defending yourself, it’s often...
Mar 21, 2014 / Relationships and Communication

Why Change in Your Relationships is So Easy

Change is easy, transition is not. Let me explain. Change in relationships can be easy to talk about, desire and even envision. It’s the transition from point A to point B that trips people up and keeps them from reaching their destination of real change. The transition…how we get there…is the tough part. So how can we make the transition process easier so that real change will occur in our relationships? First,...
Mar 19, 2014 / Relationships and Communication



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