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Persevering through the Perils of Marriage and Parenting

Apr 14, 2015 / Relationships and Communication     

There’s nothing funny about the stresses of family life…or is there? Check out these 2 enjoyable ways to persevere through the perils of marriage and parenting. First, lighten up. This means letting go of your expectations of perfection. When your child doesn’t ace the test, make the team or win the game, be ready to love them despite their imperfections. Second, learn to laugh. It’s easy to get frustrated when your flight is delayed, the remote control is lost or you’re stuck in traffic. But instead of losing your temper, set the tone for your family by laughing and choosing to go with the flow. To hear more about persevering through perils of marriage and parenting, check out my podcast.



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Mark Merrill

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