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6 Ways to Teach Your Kids a Good Work Ethic

As families become busier, I notice fewer kids doing chores. Instead, professionals are hired to care for our lawns, wash our cars, hang our Christmas lights, and clean our houses. And while that’s understandable and sometimes necessary, releasing our kids from all work at home can deprive them of a good work ethic. So I challenge you to teach your children to work hard by doing these things. First, create...
Nov 07, 2023 / General

How to React When Your Children Talk Back

When your kids talk back, the last thing you want to do is engage in a verbal tug of war. Instead, it’s best to have wise words prepared for some of the most common ways that kids talk back. For example, when your child says, “That’s not fair,” respond with, “Being fair doesn’t mean treating you the same way I treat others. Let’s do what’s right for you and everyone involved.” When your kids say, “Everyone else...
Nov 02, 2023 / General

7 Ways to Not Spoil Your Children

Many parents walk a fine line between caring for their children and spoiling their children. But the difference is not too complicated. Caring is always giving your children what they need. Spoiling is always giving your children what they want. When children become accustomed to getting what they want, how they want it, and when they want it, they develop a very self-focused, selfish mind-set. So, here are a...
Oct 19, 2023 / General

Our Crazy Adoption Story

Susan and I were already blessed with three children, but then, our hearts were stirred and moved to adopt two children from Siberia, Russia. The kids were 9-years-old and 12-years-old when they came into our home. They came carrying pain, hurt, insecurity, and instability. That was 10 years ago. We now look back at the last decade and remember the struggles we went through but also the joys we’ve experienced....
Oct 16, 2023 / General

How to Prevent Video Game Addiction

Many kids would rather stare at a screen than stare at the pages of a book. And when playing video games becomes obsessive and all consuming, then problems will soon follow. The signs for addiction are obvious.  It’s the 8-year-old who has a meltdown when he’s told to put his iPad away. It’s the teenager who lets his grades slip because he can’t turn off the Xbox. To help control this growing issue, here are ways...
Oct 12, 2023 / General

5 Things Not to Say to Your Kids

Words matter. Words either build up or tear down. And, as parents, we can never underestimate the power that a few careless words will have on our kids. Here are some things not to say to your kids. First, don’t say nothing. When a dad chooses work or television or friends or sports over his child, the impact is lifelong. Be sure to share conversations with your children daily to build a deep, lasting...
Oct 10, 2023 / General

Why You Should Invest in Your Adult Child's Friends

Our kids are now all out of the house in college or starting a career.  But we still get to spend a lot of time with them. We like hanging out with them and with their friends. I think it’s fair to say that their friends enjoy time with us too. It’s because we invest in them. How? First, we’re available to them. Just like with our own kids, we’re available when asked to coach them and help them with anything they...
Oct 09, 2023 / General



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