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6 Ways to Teach Your Kids a Good Work Ethic

Nov 07, 2023 / General     

As families become busier, I notice fewer kids doing chores. Instead, professionals are hired to care for our lawns, wash our cars, hang our Christmas lights, and clean our houses. And while that’s understandable and sometimes necessary, releasing our kids from all work at home can deprive them of a good work ethic. So I challenge you to teach your children to work hard by doing these things. First, create opportunities around the house for them to work starting at a young age. Second, treat their studies as a work ethic training ground by encouraging them to see school as their job. Finally, continue to model a consistent work ethic in your own life, so they have someone to look up to. Here are 6 Ways to Teach Your Kids a Good Work Ethic. Remember, your Family First.



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Mark Merrill

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