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10 Texts to Send Your Wife in the Next 10 Days

Texting can be a great way to send a much needed note to your wife. So I’m challenging you and husbands everywhere to send 10 encouraging text messages to your wife in the next 10 days. On the first day, text her: “Today’s been rough, but thinking of us helps me see again how much it’s all worth it.” Day 2, text her: “You’re my best reason to go to bed at night and my best reason to get up in the morning.” It...
Jun 15, 2015 / Husbands

The Truth about Pornography

Everywhere you look, pornography is becoming more and more available. At the same time, men are not aware of its dangers. So today, I’d like to share 3 lies and 3 truths about pornography. Lie Number 1: You can stop whenever you want to. The truth is that pornography is very addictive and it takes a lot of time and energy to break. Lie Number 2: Pornography only affects you. The heartbreaking truth is that...
Apr 28, 2015 / Husbands

7 Things Husbands Should Stop Doing

My wife, Susan, and I recently kicked around some things husbands should stop doing. Here are some at the top of the list. First, stop telling your wife you understand what she’s feeling when you haven’t listened to what she’s saying. Susan has helped me with this one. At times, I think I’ve heard her but really haven’t understood her. Second, when your wife shares a problem she’s having, stop trying to solve it....
Jan 19, 2015 / Husbands

The Marriage Bucket List for Men

Did you see the 2007 movie Bucket List? It’s about two men who decide to chase their dreams when they find out they don’t have much longer to live.  The movie sparked many to start thinking about what they’d include on their own bucket list.  While a list like this can often seem overwhelming, our All Pro Dad program has created a doable marriage bucket list for you.  Here are a few ideas. First, plan and execute...
Mar 20, 2014 / Husbands

How to Help Your Wife Feel Secure

Days can be filled with so much insecurity…insecurity about a job, about paying this month’s bills, about a parent’s health, about a child making wise choices.  But when it comes to marriage, it’s really important for your wife to feel a sense of security.  How can you help? First, help her be secure in your finances.  Keep your finances strong by working hard to provide for your family, creating a budget, and...
Dec 23, 2013 / Husbands

10 More Things Wives Want to Hear from Their Husbands

Every woman lives to be loved. So today, I’m giving you 10 things to say to your wife that will show your love and breathe life into her soul. Number 1, “I’m your biggest fan.”  Number 2, “I’m thankful for the little things you do.”  Number 3, “Let’s take a walk together.”  Number 4, “I miss you when we’re apart.”  Number 5, “I’m here for you.”  Number 6, “You’ll always have me by your side.”  Number 7, “I want to...
Dec 10, 2013 / Husbands

Confession: I Expect Too Much From My Wife

It’s natural for us to expect things from people.  We expect hard work from our co-workers, obedience from our kids, and support from our friends.  But when it comes to our spouses, the bar can sometimes be raised unreasonably high.  I confess, I expect too much from my wife.  First, I expect my wife to be the mediator between me and my children.  Rather than handle situations on my own, I delegate conflict to her...
Nov 18, 2013 / Husbands



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