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How to Be Your Wife's Boyfriend

Aug 07, 2013 / Dating Your Spouse     

When you were dating your wife, you were captivated by her beauty, her charm, and the way she looked at you.  You couldn’t believe she was your girlfriend.  All these things inspired you to be a better boyfriend. But she needs to know that you still find her as captivating as ever.  If your wife is captivating, tell her.  First, don’t take her for granted.  Find a way to say “I love you” every day even if it’s just clearing the table after dinner.  Second, say it with flowers.  A single red rose on her car would be a great way to start.  Here are 3 ways to be your wife’s boyfriend.

And, wives, in case you missed it yesterday, here’s how to be your husband’s girlfriend.



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Mark Merrill

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