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3 Stands to Take in the Midst of Adversity

Mar 29, 2024 / Character     

Do you stand strong when faced with adversity? I’m Mark Merrill with today’s Family Minute. Everybody experiences adversity at some point. And I know a man who has faced it head on…his name is Tony Nathan. Tony lived through some tough times in the early 70’s when segregation and discrimination were rampant in Birmingham, Alabama. The movie, Woodlawn, which is now on DVD, tells Tony’s story…a story of strength and reconciliation. In the movie, Tony teaches three things. First, Stand Up. Stand up for what you believe. Second, Stand Out. Be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to shine. Third, Stand Firm. So stand strong when faced with adversity and remember, your Family First.



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Mark Merrill

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