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Ladies First: Four Benefits of Showing Chivalry to Your Spouse and Daughter

Oct 11, 2023 / Fatherhood     

Chivalry is not an archaic, medieval concept. It’s something that should be alive and well in our culture today. Our world needs more civility, common sense, kindness, and chivalry. Chivalry is displayed when a man honors a woman…is courteous and polite to her. So men, here are ways your kids benefit from your chivalrous deeds. First, you’re showing your children that seeing the needs of others and serving them is important. Second, you’re setting your daughter’s expectations. You’re modeling for her the kind of things she should look for in a future husband. Third, you’re setting your son’s expectations. You’re setting the table for him by demonstrating what a man should do for a woman. Read all Four Benefits of Showing Chivalry to Your Spouse and Daughters. 

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Mark Merrill

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