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Setting Healthy Boundaries for Growing Kids

Jul 06, 2015 / Discipline     

Like in sports, setting clear boundaries for your kids is important and it requires intentional planning. So here are 3 healthy boundaries for growing kids. First, establish tight, four square court boundaries for toddlers. Because when kids are young, it’s important to make basic decisions for them—things like what they’ll eat, what they’ll wear, and what they’ll watch. Second, expand to larger football field boundaries with your tweens. If they show obedience, reward them with room to tackle small decisions on their own. Third, carefully offer even larger soccer field boundaries to your teens. The more your teenager stays in bounds, the more you can trust them with more privileges like a cell phone, a laptop or even a car.

For more on this topic on my blog, go to Setting Healthy Boundaries for Growing Kids.



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Mark Merrill

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