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How to Create Healthy Boundaries for Rebellious Teens

Jul 09, 2015 / Discipline     

Imagine watching a basketball game without any rules or boundaries. It’d be completely chaotic, right? Well in the same way, parenting without rules or boundaries would be absolute chaos. So today, let’s figure out a game plan to create healthy boundaries for your rebellious teen. First, establish a sideline of rules. It’s important to clarify what you expect of your teen—expectations like being honest, respectful, and obedient. Second, establish a sideline of consequences. Choose a consequence that matches the crime. For example, if your teen can’t talk respectfully to you, they lose the privilege of talking to their friends on their phone. When establishing boundaries, always remember to do it with firmness and kindness.

For more on this topic on my blog, go to How to Create Healthy Boundaries for Rebellious Teens.



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Mark Merrill

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