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I Caught My Wife Cheating, Now What?

Nov 03, 2023 / Saving Your Marriage     

No one can imagine the devastation caused by a cheating spouse except one who has experienced it. Anger, sadness, confusion, embarrassment, betrayal, and rejection may be just some of the emotions that flood one’s mind and heart. And while there is no one answer for dealing with a cheating spouse, here are some steps you can take. First, don’t make any quick decisions on what you’re going to do even though you may want to end it right then and there.  Second, consider your children. Be careful not to talk poorly about your spouse or put your kids in the position of choosing sides. Third, work through your feelings and seek wise counsel from a trusted friend or counselor instead of bottling it all up. Finally, if at all possible, pursue reconciliation. Here are some more answers to the question, “I caught my wife cheating, now what?" Remember, your Family First.



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Mark Merrill

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