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Don't Hide Your Hurt, Heal Your Marriage

Nov 06, 2023 / Saving Your Marriage     

Wounds in a marriage, big or small, can be difficult to deal with and every husband and wife can either choose to cover festering wounds in their relationship and prevent healing or they choose to expose those wounds and promote healing. Here are several reasons why a spouse might hide the hurtful wounds. The first is pride. It would be too embarrassing if others knew what really happened. The second is shame. They’re already ashamed and don’t need to feel worse. The third…pain. Maybe pain is all they've really ever known…so they just live with it. Today, instead of ignoring or hiding your hurt, open it up and start treating it. Only then will the healing begin. Learn more about how to repair your marriage by healing the hurts, not hiding them. Remember, your Family First.  



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Mark Merrill

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