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Marriage: Giving It All You've Got

Apr 18, 2012 / General     

The male Zeus bug, a tiny water bug common along Australia’s east coast, hitches a ride on the female for up to a week, counting on the female to feed him and mate with him at will. That’s a bug’s life. It’s all take and no give. Sound familiar? Well, in the lives of humans there’s a law of diminishing returns when one side always gives and the other always takes. Marriage needs to be a 100%/100%, give-it-all-you’ve-got relationship. When both husband and wife try to meet each other’s needs, the marriage flourishes. For great resources to help dads and husbands, sign up for All Pro Dad’s Play of the Day email. And for moms and wives, sign up for iMOM’s Espresso Minute daily email.  



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Mark Merrill

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