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10 Ways to Push Your Spouse Away

Jan 01, 1970 / General     

This week we are featuring the 5 most popular Family Minutes from 2010. Today is Number 4...

You're juggling the needs of your kids—their homework, their sports, their friends. You're busy preparing for a big presentation at work. You've got a bunch of emails to reply to…and, oh yeah, you have some Facebook posts to make. You're schedule is absolutely full. You're doing some great things, but what about your spouse? Are they enjoying the fruit of your activities? Or, are they just getting your leftovers? If you're spouse has become emotionally anorexic in your relationship—starved for your affection and attention—maybe it's time to say "No." to things that are important, but not the most important. Are you guilty of any of these 10 Ways to Push your Spouse Away?



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Mark Merrill

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