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The Truth about Marriage

Jan 01, 1970 / Dating Your Spouse     

Marriage is really hard….and takes a lot of work. Even after all that hard work, I still mess up. I mean, I want an awesome marriage, but I still DO the things I shouldn't, and DON'T do the things I should. One day I praise her, the next I put her down. One day I'm happy with her, the next I'm angry. So, what can I do? Sure, I'll ask for forgiveness, and I'll work to handle it the right way next time. But guess what, I will disappoint her again. When I do, I won't lose heart, I'll correct myself. She'll show me undeserved favor and we'll persevere together…because marriage is for life. During the past 22 years with my wife, Susan, I've learned 7 Truths about Marriage.



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Mark Merrill

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