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How to Make Your Marriage Work

Dec 06, 2012 / Dating Your Spouse     

If you have a job managing others, you instruct, give orders, set deadlines, and discipline when necessary. But my wife and I have found that “work mode” isn’t always helpful in our marriage.  The skills and strengths we demonstrate in the workplace aren’t necessarily an asset in our relationship. In fact, they can be a liability. Instructing each other, giving orders, and trying to discipline one another can cause…well, big arguments.  So we’re learning – slowly but surely – how to set aside that “work mode” and embrace a “marriage mode.” When we’re together, we’re learning how to chill…how to relax…and how to enjoy life together.  Keep the romance in your marriage. You can start with these 5 ways to reinvent date night.



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Mark Merrill

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