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How to Be Your Husband's Girlfriend

Aug 06, 2013 / Dating Your Spouse     

Remember dating your husband? You couldn’t sleep…you couldn’t eat…you couldn’t wait for him to call.  It was reflected in the way you acted.  Let him know you are still his girlfriend.  First, remember what attracted your husband to you.  Watch sports with him.  Make him a special dinner.  Take time to do those things again.  Second, be excited to see him.  Enjoy just being in the same room with him.  When you pass in the hallway, stop and say “I love you”.  Or, step away from the kids and give him a kiss.  Here’s more about how to be your husband’s girlfriend and an additional 7 ways to adore your husband.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for 3 ways to be your wife’s boyfriend.



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Mark Merrill

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