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What Happens When You Don’t Listen to Your Wife?

Mar 21, 2023 / Communication     

It happens all too often…wife sits down with husband and shares her thoughts, feelings and emotions. After a short time, husband starts to tune out, looks down at his phone and then his mind wanders to other things. But when we don’t listen to our wives, here are 4 things that often happen.  First, wives become distant.  A woman can’t help but feel rejected when the thoughts she shares with her husband aren’t considered important enough to listen to. As a result, she pulls back to avoid more rejection.  Second, wives become indifferent.  When your wife consistently feels like she isn’t being heard, she will stop expecting anything at all from you and will emotionally detach. Here are the rest of my thoughts on What Happens When You Don’t Listen to Your Wife.



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Mark Merrill

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