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The Key to a Close-Knit Family

Mar 18, 2024 / Relationships and Communication     

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want a strong, close-knit family. The question is: How do we move from wanting one to having one? Growing up, I remember seeing a highway billboard over and over again on our road trips. It said, “The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together.” A number of recent studies have revealed that there is in fact some truth to this timeless slogan.  Specifically, research has shown that the key to closeness and a stronger family relies on praying, attending church, and worshiping together.  Not only does attending church together encourage flourishing marriages, but it has also been correlated with higher happiness within the family unit overall.  Here are more of my thoughts on The Key to a Close-Knit Family.



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Mark Merrill

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