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The Compliments Your Kids Need to Hear

Aug 08, 2013 / Relationships and Communication     

When someone gives you an unexpected compliment, it can make your day.  So, why not do the same for your kids?  Observe the little things they do every day and let them know they’re appreciated.  For example, compliment your child’s character.  In today’s world, they need all the encouragement they can get.  Point out their integrity, dependability, or loyalty.  Second, let your child know you’re happy to have them as part of the family.  Take a moment to say you’re glad to be their mom or dad.  Third, compliment their contributions to the family…things like mowing the lawn or helping with dinner.  For more ideas, check out these 10 compliments for children and be sure you are meeting the five key needs of children.



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Mark Merrill

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