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Facebook: Friend or Foe (Part 1)

Sep 17, 2012 / Relationships and Communication     

Someone described Facebook as the “best of” a life – a highlight reel.  And, while it’s great to share life’s successes, it is also important to stay grounded in reality.  So, how can you keep from experiencing negative Facebook emotions?  First, don’t believe the hype.  Life is not just the good times, but the tough times as well – and everyone has them whether they reveal them or not.  Second, share in others’ joy.  While your life may not be so rosy right now, you’ll want the well-wishes when it’s your turn.  Third, take a step back.  If Facebook is affecting how you feel about yourself, it’s time to take a break. 

Tomorrow we'll discuss how to use Facebook as a positive platform.



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Mark Merrill

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