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Avoid These 4 Holiday Mistakes That Hurt Families

Dec 04, 2023 / Relationships and Communication     

Are you struggling to make your holidays happy in your home?  I’m Mark Merrill with today’s Family Minute. The holidays, like life, are all about relationships. And relationship mistakes can kill the holiday mood. So don’t let the good things take your focus off the best things. It’s easy to let the fun, creative, and well-intended trappings of the season cause you to lose your focus on your relationships…decorations, special meals, and holiday activities can deter you from enjoying and offering the best gift of all…time together. Also, during the holidays, it’s easy to complain about the stressors and challenges of the season. So, instead of being a problem-seer, be a problem-solver. Here are 4 holiday mistakes that hurt families I share on my blog



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Mark Merrill

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