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5 Ways to Hug a Porcupine

Sep 29, 2017 / Relationships and Communication     

It’s easy to love people who are loveable. But what about those who aren’t? It’s hard to hug prickly porcupine people but I’ve got some ways you can do it. First, hug the porcupine with your arms. This one’s obvious…sometimes a porcupine just needs your arms around them. Second, hug the porcupine with your hands. This is practical love. For example, if your spouse is overwhelmed, take the burden off them by cooking dinner and taking care of the kids on your own.  Third, hug the porcupine with your words. Use words that build up, not tear down. For more ways to hug the porcupine in your life, visit my blog at



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Mark Merrill

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