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One-on-One Time

Apr 01, 2024 / Family Time & Vacations     

It’s great to do things as a family, but children love it when they get Mom or Dad all to themselves. So carve out a little time with each of your kids as often as you can. Now that summer break is almost here, try to take off one day for each child during the summer. Take them on a special outing for the day. It doesn’t have to be anything big… have lunch together, toss the football in the backyard, walk around the mall. Use the time to really focus on your child. Listen to what each one has to say. Tell them how much you enjoy being with them. Praise them for the things that make them unique. The long summer stretch doesn’t have to be a bad time.  For ideas to help you get started, try these dad time coupons and mom time coupons.



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Mark Merrill

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