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Just for Today: How to Spend Time with Your Kids

Jun 07, 2013 / Family Time & Vacations     

Update: Moms, please note that you don't have to opt-in to the Espresso Minute to receive Operation Summer. We apologize for the inaccurate information in Wednesday's Family Minute and want you to know that you can easily access Operation Summer Lovin' 2013 resources and sign up to receive email updates here.

Just for today, tell your kids: I’ll forget about my to-do list and take you to the park.  I will silence the cell phone, turn off the computer, and have a tea party with you.  Just for today, I will cancel my golf game and throw the football with you in the backyard.  I will skip my favorite TV show and snuggle beside you for hours.  Just for today, I will let you stay up late so we can sit outside, gaze at the moon, and count the stars.  Just for today, I will think about the parents who no longer have their children, and I will be grateful I have you, just for today.  If you need more ideas, here are tips on how to spend time with your kids.



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Mark Merrill

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