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Struggling Makes You Stronger

I'm doing some rehab for my injured shoulder. One exercise I do is to grab a PVC pipe with both hands. I have to struggle to hold on while my physical therapist jerks the pipe around. Why? It makes my shoulder stronger. We should welcome struggle in everything we do. Not because we like it, but because it makes us stronger. I struggle through disagreements with my wife. If I handle it the right way, it...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

Tiger Woods: Should He Get a Second Chance?

Not in the U.S. Open, but in his personal life. Last year, the world was shocked to learn of golfing great, Tiger Woods', many indiscretions. He faltered personally and professionally. Now, on the brink of a professional comeback, he's out of the game again. Can we show him grace? At what point is it ok to start cheering for him again? Whether or not you choose to root for him in his professional life, we should...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

To Forgive, Divine

Most of us can forgive small stuff...but what about the big things that cause us great pain? Ed Thomas was a caring husband, a good dad, and a highly respected man in his community. After decades of coaching his football team, Ed was awarded the coveted NFL High School Coach of the Year in 2005. Four years later, a former student walked into the school locker room, pulled out his gun and unloaded seven bullets...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

What’s Your Identity?

That’s one of life’s most importantquestions.The way I answer reveals myidentity…who I believe I am.Most answerwith the Census Bureau approach… by occupation… “I’m a teacher.”by family status… “I’m married with twokids.” By race, “I’m African-American.” These answers provide information abouta person, but they don’t really answer the question.So, how should we respond?Well, we should at least know in our...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

Formula 409

The cleaning product, Formula 409 didn't get its name from the area code where it was developed. And it's not the birth date of the creator's daughter. Formula 409 got its name from perseverance. The two persistent scientists didn't get the formula right on the 101st, or even the 401st try. Only when they created the 409th formula were they satisfied that they'd created the ultimate cleaner. Perseverance pays off...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character



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