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How to Keep Your Cool When the Unexpected Occurs

Mar 08, 2024 / Character     

Before the game starts, you run up to the grocery store to grab a couple things.  Just as you walk out of the store and pack your groceries into the trunk, your wife calls to say she needs one more thing.  It’s an unexpected moment…you have a decision to make…keep your cool, or lose it?  We’ve all experienced something like that.  So when things don’t go the way you thought, here are 5 ways to keep your cool.  First, be quick to listen.  Try to understand how the other person is feeling in the situation.  Second, be slow to speak.  Instead of venting your frustrations right away, choose your words wisely.  For more insight, here’s How to Keep Your Cool When the Unexpected Occurs.  



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Mark Merrill

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