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5 Ways to Teach Children Self-Discipline

Sep 12, 2023 / Character     

As parents, we want to do everything we can do for our kids, but that’s not always best. It’s important to teach our kids to do things for themselves.  So here are some ways to teach your children self-discipline.  First, teach structured routine. Organized and consistent structure breeds discipline. For example, by setting a designated time for homework to be completed each day, the routine will become a natural habit.  Second, teach committed determination.  Show your child that success comes with focus and determination, not distractions and changing emotions.  Third, teach your child the fundamentals. The fundamentals start with character…things like honesty, integrity, courage and love.  These are the virtues that our kids need to learn to live by. For the rest of the 5 Ways to Teach Children Self-Discipline go to



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Mark Merrill

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