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Confession: I Expect Too Much From My Wife

It’s natural for us to expect things from people.  We expect hard work from our co-workers, obedience from our kids, and support from our friends.  But when it comes to our spouses, the bar can sometimes be raised unreasonably high.  I confess, I expect too much from my wife.  First, I expect my wife to be the mediator between me and my children.  Rather than handle situations on my own, I delegate conflict to her...
Nov 18, 2013 / Husbands

5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Marriage

We all make mistakes.  That’s a given.  Here are 5 of the biggest mistakes men make in marriage.  First, they don’t think of the needs of their spouse.  So, when you schedule a date night with your wife, plan ahead.  Don’t wait until you are ready to walk out the door and say “what do you feel like doing?”  Second, they don’t listen. Don’t assume you know what she is going to say.  Just listen. Third, they try to...
Nov 04, 2013 / Husbands

How to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful

In today’s world, women have an unrealistic bar set for them in the beauty department.  No one can measure up – not even the air-brushed models.  But, if you believe your wife is beautiful, she will be.  Nothing is more important to a woman than what she sees in the mirror of her husband’s opinion.  So, what can you do?  First, tell her she’s beautiful and mean it.  She’ll feel transformed.  Second, make sure she...
Aug 22, 2013 / Husbands

What I Learned About Respecting My Wife from a Friend

Susan and I went on a trip with our good friends a few weeks ago. We’re really close with this couple. After Jay observed me interacting with Susan for a couple of days, he said to me, “I notice that when you and Susan talk, you interrupt her a lot. That’s not very respectful. Cutting her off while she’s speaking, even unintentionally, shows that you care more about what you want to say than what she is saying.”...
Aug 14, 2013 / Husbands

How to Protect Your Wife from the "Rats" in Her Life

My wife, Susan, came home the other day to find a special present that our dogs left for her.  The dogs found a dead rat in the back yard and brought their prize into our house.  So I came to her rescue and disposed of our dogs' not-so-thoughtful gift. I was pumped up about tossing that dead mouse in the trash because I love being Susan’s hero.  Here are some "rats" in your wife’s life that you can help get rid...
Jul 16, 2013 / Husbands

Love Your Wife

Is it taking your kids to the zoo? Reading them a bedtime story? Sure…good things. But loving your children's mother is absolutely the best thing you can do. Why? Well, a husband and wife, who let their kids know they love each other, provide a secure, safe environment for their children. Here's what a child thinks: "If Dad and Mom are happy with each other, then home is a safe place and a sure thing." A...
Jan 01, 1970 / Husbands

5 Things Men Must Know about Women

This week we are featuring the 5 most popular Family Minutes from 2010. Today is Number 5...That's often a source of confusion and comedy for men. But understanding what a woman wants is no laughing matter. In her book, For Men Only, Shaunti Feldhahn breaks it down for us. She says that men need to understand that a woman wants to go beyond logic and knowledge in relationships. Women need to "feel" five...
Jan 01, 1970 / Husbands



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