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How to Evaluate Your Relationship with Your Child

Just like anything else in life, parenting will bring out strengths and weaknesses in you.  For example, you may be great at spending tons of time with your kids, yet struggle to communicate well with them.  So, to help you honestly evaluate your relationship with your child, here are 15 questions to ask them.  First, ask your child, “How do you know I love you?”  Next, ask, “Do I spend enough time with you?”...
May 22, 2018 / General

5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids' Growth

Each day, our kids are experiencing new things and making new mistakes.  All the while, these moments are shaping and growing them.  As parents, we’re called to come alongside our children and lift them up as they grow.  Here are 5 ways encourage your kids.  First, let them make some decisions.  Seek out opportunities for your child make their own decisions regarding various situations.  After they’ve made a good...
May 11, 2018 / General

26 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Abduction

The world is full of great friends and great memories for our children to make.  But it’s also full of dangers like abduction and human trafficking.  Parents, you are the ones responsible for keeping your kids safe from those dangers. So take some important precautions to protect your children.  To get you started, here are some tips.  First, be sure your children know their basic information.  Knowing their name,...
May 04, 2018 / General

A Parenting Lesson from an Ex-Con

I spent some time today with a friend of mine…George. He never knew his dad. At 13, he started selling drugs. At 16, he had two kids and murdered two people. He was convicted…spent the next 24 years in prison. He was released. Then went through a transition program where his heart and mind were completely transformed. He has a new mind-set—a new way of thinking. He’s now got a job. He’s involved in his kid’s...
May 01, 2018 / General

Baseball is Back

The temperature… a little warmer, the grass… a little greener. The crack of the bat is in the air.  It’s that time of year again – Opening Day of baseball. Guys, remember when you were a child and you played in your first Little League game? Now, you’re grown-up. But just for today, you can relive your childhood dream of hitting that grand slam… and you can do it with your children. Take your kids to a game at the...
Apr 30, 2018 / General

Parent Pressure

No, not peer pressure… parent pressure.  You know, pressure to allow your child to do things that other parents are letting their kids do… watch movies, listen to music, and wear clothes that are inappropriate for your child.  The right decision for your child is usually the road not taken by many.  It’s sometimes a hard and lonely road for a parent, but one that is much more likely to lead to a good life for your...
Apr 25, 2018 / General

Parenting in the Control Tower

Sleeping on the job.  An air traffic controller is supposed to oversee and direct all the planes surrounding their airport.  It’s a stressful and tiring job which results in fatigue, and sometimes unexpected naps.  Well, parental fatigue is big, too.  And it’s affecting our kids’ physical and emotional safety.  We can’t fall asleep in the control tower of our children’s lives.  Every time our children leave the...
Apr 24, 2018 / General



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