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What’s Your Dream?

On December 17th, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright changed the world by making the first controlled flight in a powered aircraft. But success came only after years of experimentation, failure, learning from their mistakes, and trying again. The Wrights persevered because they believed in their dream. They were also encouraged by their loving and supportive family. A monument in their honor reads: "In commemoration...
Jan 01, 1970 / Inspirational

The Weight of the World

If you really want to know, ask a single parent. Their job is never-ending. Their work is never done. Day after day they carry the load … alone. No wonder they often feel like they have the whole world on their shoulders. So how can we help single moms or dads? Start with the little things. The next time you're washing your car, offer to wash theirs too. Drop off dinner, or watch their children for the evening, so...
Jan 01, 1970 / Single Parenting

What’s Your Identity?

That’s one of life’s most importantquestions.The way I answer reveals myidentity…who I believe I am.Most answerwith the Census Bureau approach… by occupation… “I’m a teacher.”by family status… “I’m married with twokids.” By race, “I’m African-American.” These answers provide information abouta person, but they don’t really answer the question.So, how should we respond?Well, we should at least know in our...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

Your Natural Resource

In our search for new energy supplies, we are learning more about the value of our natural resources and how to harness and channel them in the right direction. Well, you have a very valuable "natural resource," and it's important that you T.A.P. into it. T stands for Take … take a personal inventory of your strengths and write them down. A is for Ask…ask people you trust what they see as your greatest...
Jan 01, 1970 / Inspirational

Compliment Easter Eggs

Instead of just letting your kids hunt for eggs this year, let them hunt for compliments. Buy some plastic eggs and assign each of your children a color. Then write some nice things about your kids on slips of paper, and put them inside. Like, "I love the way you treat your sister so kindly," or, "You're a great Monopoly player." Once they've found all of their eggs, let your children read what's inside. We have...
Jan 01, 1970 / Holidays

More, more, more

The list of "I wants" can go on and on. For kids it's, "I want that video game." "I want that scooter." For us, it's, "I want that car." "I want that couch." No matter what we have, there's always more. Henry David Thoreau said, "We make ourselves rich by making our wants few." Most of us already have what we need… it's just a matter of controlling what we want. So, the next time someone in your family wants to...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Living

When Drinking Becomes a Problem

These questions might help you determine the answer. Do you drink alone when you feel angry or sad? Does your drinking ever make you late for work? Do you ever drink after telling yourself you won't? Do you ever forget what you did while drinking? Has anyone in your family expressed concern about your drinking? If so, don't brush it off… really listen to what they have to say… and get help. Talk to your spouse,...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Health



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