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Thanksgiving Outreach

Americans love to indulge on Thanksgiving. Can't you just taste that juicy turkey and dressing? Well, there are people who won't get to enjoy even the first bite of turkey. Maybe they're unmarried and don't have any family nearby. Maybe they're a single mom with three kids and can't afford all the fixings. Or maybe they're your elderly neighbor who's embarrassed to admit they don't have plans. Think about people...
Jan 01, 1970 / Holidays

Your Kids and True Greatness

According to parenting expert Dr. Tim Kimmel, it's pushing them toward a "successful" future. Wait a minute, you say, what's wrong with wanting my children to be successful? Well, it all depends upon how you define success. If it's all about wealth, beauty, power and fame, you're setting your kids up for an empty, self-centered existence. Instead, Kimmel says, teach your children the virtues and values of true...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans Day pays tribute to American veterans of all wars — especially those veterans still living. So spend some time this holiday honoring their service to our country. Fly the American flag in front of your home. Teach your children what the holiday means and why we celebrate it. Encourage them to send notes or cards to veterans you know, or those in hospitals and veterans' homes. Volunteer with your kids in...
Jan 01, 1970 / Holidays

When it’s Time to Rebuild

Divorce… infidelity… the devastating loss of a child or spouse… these things, and others, can shatter a family. So, how do you begin the rebuilding process? First, survey the damage. Talk about it with each member of your family… really listen to the feelings they express, and be open about your own. Second, seek help from a trusted advisor or pastor who can help you sort out your emotions. Third, be patient—with...
Jan 01, 1970 / Coping & Loss

What’s Your Identity?

That’s one of life’s most importantquestions.The way I answer reveals myidentity…who I believe I am.Most answerwith the Census Bureau approach… by occupation… “I’m a teacher.”by family status… “I’m married with twokids.” By race, “I’m African-American.” These answers provide information abouta person, but they don’t really answer the question.So, how should we respond?Well, we should at least know in our...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

Make Time for What’s Really Important

There's no such thing as not having time. When we say "I don't have time," what we're really saying is that we don't choose to make certain things a priority right now, or, there's something else we'd rather be doing. Think about all the demands on your schedule and take a look at the things you spend the most time on. The truth is we make time for the things we want to make time for. But that isn't always...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

Black History Month

How about Langston Hughes, Patricia Roberts Harris or Carter G. Woodson? February celebrates Black History Month, and now is a great time to share with your children about the significant contributions these, and other African Americans, have made to our country's history and heritage. Take some time together this month to learn more about African American leaders in science, social reform, politics, sports and...
Jan 01, 1970 / Holidays



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