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Summer Movies

Every year, Hollywood entices our kids with a flood of new films designed for their consumption.  But, just like their favorite foods at the grocery store, not everything made for them is good for them.  With so many movies being released, it’s tough to sort out the good from the bad.   Well, we can help.  Check out our movie monitor.  There you can see if the release of Monsters University or The Smurfs 2 is...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

Picnic = Summer Fun!

There's nothing to do! I'm bored!" Sound familiar? Wasn't it just yesterday that everyone was excited about school being out? But just a few weeks in, and you're pulling your hair out for some ideas to entertain the troops that won't cost an arm and a leg. Well, no need to worry. July is Picnic Month, so take your PB&J, and head out for a little lunch on the lawn. Better yet, try a change of scenery…load the...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

Make the Most of Your Time

This Sunday, Daylight Savings Time ends – which means the days will seem shorter. As if they're not short enough already! As they say, there's only so much time in a day. Everything we say "yes" to takes time away from something – or someone – else. Usually it's our spouse or our children. We've got to say "no" to more outside things – "no" to that dinner meeting, "no" to joining that committee, "no" to that golf...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

Bowl Them Over

Ninety million people will be glued to the television this Super Bowl Sunday. If you plan on watching the game, why not make it a family affair? Start with a game plan for the day. It might include firing up the grill, or letting each child choose something they want to eat. You can also have each family member rate the new Super Bowl commercials or predict the score at the end of each quarter. Give prizes to the...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

50 Reasons to Celebrate Your Husband or Wife

As the years tick away, it's easy to treat your anniversary like it's no big deal. Well, even if you don't have an elaborate celebration, taking the time to honor your commitment can be uplifting for your marriage. Each year should be a little different, try these 10 ways to make your next anniversary the best ever to change things up. At the very least get a card that says how much your spouse means to you. Then,...
Jan 01, 1970 / General

Black History Month

How about Langston Hughes, Patricia Roberts Harris or Carter G. Woodson? February celebrates Black History Month, and now is a great time to share with your children about the significant contributions these, and other African Americans, have made to our country's history and heritage. Take some time together this month to learn more about African American leaders in science, social reform, politics, sports and...
Jan 01, 1970 / Holidays

The Grass is Always Greener?

My wife, Susan, and I knew a couple…let's call them Sally and Greg. They were always so sweet and kind to each other…so affectionate and attentive. We always looked at their marriage and wondered why ours wasn't as wonderful. Well, shortly after we drooled over this dreamy relationship, they went through a terrible divorce. What seemed like a magical marriage publicly was actually a dreadful relationship...
Jan 01, 1970 / General



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