Five Small Changes You Can Make That Lead to Big Changes

At 211 degrees, you have a pot of hot water.  Add one degree and you bring the water to a boil and produce steam.  Steam can power a locomotive.  What movement toward lasting change can one degree create in your life?  You may be one degree away from words that can heal a broken marriage or start a conversation with a rebellious child.

So, you are ready to bring your family life to a boil!  Here are five small changes that will heat you up to 212 degrees with your family:

1. Start every day with a random act of kindness:  Bring your spouse a hot drink in bed.  Offer to drive the kids to school.  Start breakfast.  Set a positive tone for the entire day.  It may even carry into the evening!

2. Spend one-on-one, uninterrupted time with each child daily:  Ask questions.  Explore their personalities.  Do fun activities.  Laugh!  Your child will look forward to this special time throughout the entire day.

3. Write short notes of encouragement or affirmation:  Write a note to your spouse that says, “I love you,” “I am so happy I married you,” or “You are the most beautiful woman (or most handsome man) in the world.”  Place it where your spouse will find it as a surprise during the day.  Do the same for your children.  Let them know “I am proud of you,” “You are a great kid,” or “I am so grateful to have you in my life.”

4. Eliminate television:  Yes, it can be done.  Eliminate television from family meal times.  Spend time in conversation about everyone’s day or plan fun activities for your family to do together.  Try removing the television from the bedroom as well.  And focus on your spouse instead.

5. Pray for your family:  Pray together with your spouse.  Pray for your marriage, future plans, and even the smallest details that are important to you.  Lay your hands on your children’s heads while they are asleep; and, as a couple, pray for their health, protection, and future lives.


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