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23 Bad Habits Moms Can Break

We all make bad decisions sometimes. But when those bad decisions happen over and over, they lead to bad habits. Here are a few common bad habits that moms may want to break. First, break the habit of telling your child “I’ll be right there” and then forgetting about it. If your child doesn’t get attention from you, they may go looking for attention in the wrong places. Second, break the habit of spending money...
Dec 12, 2019 / Motherhood

Warrior or Wimp: How Not to Raise a Mama's Boy

Everyone knows that moms have unique relationships with their sons. They want to protect their sons, nurture their sons, and rescue their sons in any and every situation. But sometimes, this leads them to raise a mama’s boy. So how can you build up your son to be a warrior, not a wimp? First, understand that warriors are not couch potatoes. Your son is designed for activity, adventure and boldness. Second,...
Dec 05, 2019 / Motherhood

Sometimes I Hate Being a Mom, Now What?

It’s all too easy for parenting to feel like a project, rather than a relationship. So how can you recapture the joy of motherhood? Here are 3 simple ways. First, stop comparing your child to other children. Instead, learn to appreciate them as a unique creation with their own strengths. Second, give yourself permission to be imperfect. Get rid of the impossible expectations you’ve set and find comfort in simply...
Jun 05, 2015 / Motherhood

How Dads Can Color Outside the Lines

Society has standards for what fatherhood should look like. But each father has unique strengths that make for unique parenting. So here are 3 ways dads can color outside the lines. First, consider whose lines you’re trying to color in. Ask yourself, “Am I making decisions to impress others? Or am I making decisions that are best for my family?” Second, determine what success looks like for your family. Make a...
Jun 03, 2015 / Motherhood

8 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Let’s face it: We all live busy, busy lives. But sometimes, it can be too much…too fast. So here are 4 ways to simplify your life. First, shed some stuff. The less cluttered your environment feels, the less cluttered you will feel. Second, learn to say, “No.” A great way to protect yourself and guard against over commitment is by setting limits. Third, purposefully unplug your technology. This means cutting down...
Apr 10, 2015 / Motherhood

The Truth about Porn Moms Need to Know

Pornography presents a distorted view of sex. It undermines a young person’s ability to enjoy a natural, loving, sexual relationship in marriage one day. So to help your child avoid being crippled by pornography, here are 2 truths you need to know. First, your child may have already seen porn online. Unfortunately, research reveals 90% of teen boys and 60% of teen girls have seen some form of pornography. To help...
Apr 03, 2015 / Motherhood

7 Simple Ways to Be a Great Mom

Being a mom is perhaps the most difficult and most rewarding job on the planet. So what’s the key to doing it well? Here are some simple ways to be a great mom. First, be available. Make spending time with your kids a priority. Next, be loving. Look your children in the eyes and tell them you love them on a consistent basis. Third, be generous with praise. Affirm their character and their gifts as often as you...
Mar 13, 2015 / Motherhood



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